Employers agree that it is important, when hiring, to find someone who can get the job done.

It is of equal importance to have an employee who comes to work consistently and tackles all job assignments.

The human and financial resources required to continue to be seeking out and renewing the labour pool are extensive. Employers are facing this challenge by turning to diversity and inclusion, particularly with persons with disabilities. Successful employers know that when recruitment and hiring practices are inclusive to employees with a disability, the employer benefits from increased innovation, increased productivity, reduced recruitment costs, higher staff retention and reduced costs associated with training and safety. 

 Benefits to You

Studies and research clearly demonstrate the valid economic benefits to your business when you hire a person with a disability.

What you can expect from being an inclusive employer

  • A better rate of attendance, punctuality, teamwork and safety in the workplace by all staff.
  • Demonstrates that your company values diversity.
  • Freeing up your business resources to complete others tasks and increase productivity.
  • Work Safe: Disabled employees are less likely to obtain an injury at work than non-disabled employees.
  • Retention: Disabled employees stay on the job five times longer than non-disabled employees, greatly reducing the cost of hiring.
  • Opportunity to access this untapped labour market in your area.

See the Economic Benefits of Hiring Persons with Disabilities at www.cbc.ca/player/news/canada/id/2439758698.


As needed, a professional Job Coach can provide orientation and training to your new employee at your job site.

At no cost to you, this service begins on the employee’s first day on the job. This minimizes interruption of your company’s routine and ensures that job duties are completed fully, to your standards.

The Job Coach provides any necessary supports for the employee to learn all job requirements. As the employee achieves independence in their position the Job Coach gradually transitions into monitoring services and the employee continues to work independently under the supervision of the employer. 

Community Employment Agency provides follow up services as needed or as mutually agreed upon to ensure consistent employer satisfaction.


Community Employment Agency provides, at no cost to you, professional follow-up services to ensure that your company’s standards are maintained.

Throughout the period of employment, a professional Job Coach is available to monitor your employee’s performance through telephone contact and on-site visits.

You are assured that support is available as needed if matters arise such as:

  • changes in management or co-workers
  • changes in job requirements
  • changes in work performance
  • changes in work environment